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Governor tells Sansom's college to pay up

Remember Gov. Charlie Crist's demand that Northwest Florida State College repay the money spent on the controversial Destin Airport building? Well, several months later, the college has not paid up.

Gov. Crist's budget director Jerry McDaniel called trustee chairman Wesley Wilkerson last week and followed up with a letter two days ago asking for the $310,000. (That's how much the college used of the $6 million PECO project secured by Rep. Ray Sansom.)

"We would ask that this source of funds have no adverse consequences to students," McDaniel wrote. "Please forward a check made out to the state of Florida, to my attention as soon as possible."

The trustees abandoned the building project when it became a key component in the criminal case against Sansom, ex-college president Bob Richburg and developer Jay Odom. But the trustees were hoping that the state would just cut a future PECO project by $310,000. No way, McDaniel says.

-- Alex Leary


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