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Rep. Chris Dorworth's financial House of cards

Foreclosure proceedings, a $2.7-million court judgment, and more -- and that barely scratches the surface of state Rep. Chris Dorworth's financial balance sheet. The 33-year-old Lake Mary real estate investor's financial difficulties are amplified by the fact that he is actively running for speaker of the state House of Representatives in the 2014-2016 term. Now his hometown political columnist, Scott Maxwell of The Orlando Sentinel, writes that "the last thing this state needs" is Dorworth in the speaker's office. His rival for speaker is Rep. Erik Fresen, R-Miami. 

Even though court documents suggest Dorworth's wife could lose her clothes and jewelry, "It's hardly fair that I can't keep my financial house in order," Dorworth says of the various and sundry allegations against him flying all over the Internet. He says he's a victim of the real estate downturn and adds: "If anyone ever accused me of being perfect, let me be the first to tell you I am not. I work in an industry right now that's down." (Dorworth holds an MBA from Duke University).

Dorworth also recently joined the growing list of legislators who have their own Committee of Continuous Existence or CCE to use as a soft-money slush fund to raise money. "It's to help elect candidates who believe in the same things I do," Dorworth said. Check out the committee's web page here. What's the committee's stated purpose for existing? "To promote effective leadership."  

-- Steve Bousquet


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A lot of people are hurting in this economy. It's too bad Washington isn't creating policy that sparks economic growth.


why does Chris Dorworth's (Orlando) website feature a beach scene? Just curious...


The true purpose of CCEs is to serve as a vehicle to circumvent gift, ethics, and disclosure laws and allow legislators to take cash with them when they leave office.


Wow! That was what was wrong with the whole welfare program! If they had called it the Department of Continuing Existence to help those with no other means of support there would be no one complaining.

The Gang Of Pirates may hate welfare based on need but to funnel huge sums to cronies based on corruption seems like a really good thing to them.

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