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Ron Book to Charlie Crist: 'You are f**king wrong'

Lobbyist Ron Book had a testy exchange recently with Gov. Charlie Crist over whether the state Department of Corrections was placing sex offenders under the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Miami, where a community of the unwanted has sprung up because residency restrictions give them no other place to live (more here on the most recent of the Miami Herald stories on the situation matter).

Book had advocated for get-tough on sex-offender laws, but he said they've gone too far and the situation under the bridge proves it. Worse yet, DOC is dropping off sex offenders there, he said. But Crist denied his agency was doing that, prompting a frustrated Book to lose his cool.

"You are fucking wrong," Book told Crist, according to this recent Newsweek piece. Book confirmed the exchange.


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abednego danner

Not sure which is more appalling:

1) That nature allows someone like Ronnie to survive to breeding age;

2) That he would speak that way to a governor; or

3) That his ego is so large (and inversely proportional to other key measurements) that he would confirm to the media that he said such a tasteless comment.


Book the buck passer. No matter what, the residence's under the bridge will refuse to be forced out until the state makes the 1,000 ft law the standard for all of Flordia which will trump all other ordinences.

"Hell no, We Won't Go," is what they are now saying. They have chosen Mary Devul of rickyslife.com and COO of SOSEN has been chosen by the residence as their "spokesperson>"

For all who's eyes are on the Miami Julia Tuttle Causeway join us tonight on American's Reality check as one of the residents, Terry, joins us from their. Book and county Commissioners proclaim they do not support homelessness, so why is it the local police took Terry to the bridge due to his status cause they had no where else to go? Dade blames the state and the state blames Dade.. who is at fault? If the Dade County commissioners feel their is affordable and available housing for these residents then why do they not take them to a apartment and give them a job? The Julia Tuttle Causeway is on their driver licenses, I have a copy of one, so this is their home...the solution is go back to state law but you decide..Join us tonight (7/29/09), at 8:30 PM Central time www.americansrealitycheck.com Share your thoughts and views

Holy Shiitakes

State law is 1000 feet, Miami's is 2500 feet. Ron Book created the JTC debacle:


You made this mess, Ronnie boy. Clean it up! I have a better idea, Ron, go live under the bridge! After all, he has a criminal record!

for real

Ron's right.

Dept of Corrections has known about this FOR YEARS but it hit the ceiling under Crist's watch and Walt McNeill wants to just ignore it.

Although Ron lost his cool, HE IS RIGHT.

Do something, Crist and McNeill.

This is a lightning strike waiting to happen.

Everyone is warning you and you're doing nothing.

The Emperor

Crist and McNeill can't do anything because the Mayor of Bookville refuses to let them.

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