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Stemberger, post-Sanford: Save marriage. 'Donate now!'

So S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford loves Maria, his "soul mate" from Argentina, but is trying to fall back in love with his wife. And Jon and Kate Gosselin from the reality-TV hit Jon & Kate Plus Eight are getting divorced amid tabloid reports of infidelity.

This disappoints conservative activist John Stemberger, so much so that he wants your donation. In an e-mail from his Florida Family PolicyCouncil, the Orlando attorney who has pushed initiatives including the proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, seeks donations to "turn this tide of devastation and hostility toward marriage."

Here's the e-mail:

"In just the past two weeks we have seen marriage and adultery lead the headlines with Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina, and just one week earlier Nevada Senator John Ensign.  In addition to these sad examples of fallen men and now struggling wives and families, we see the marital problems of reality-TV’s Jon & Kate Plus Eight (Jon and Kate Gosselin) and the Today Show last week featured an outrageous story on how “marriage is an outdated institution”.  Unbelievable! Everywhere we look, we can’t get away from the fact that from without and within, “marriage” is under fire!

Here at your Florida Family Policy Council, we are saddened by the infidelity of two more of our national leaders; disappointed for their children’s sake to see the Gosselin marital problems turned into entertainment and fodder for tabloids; and outraged at the masquerade of extreme radical feminism portrayed as a pseudo-academic opinion on NBC! 
While sad, this makes us even more committed than ever to see our Strong Marriages Florida campaign become a more robust state-wide movement!   (Click here to make your secure on-line donation)
If we are going to thrive as a culture and society, we need to turn the tide from divorce and rejection, to restoring and strengthening marriages; and from ridicule and mockery of marriage, to a positive culture which celebrates and respects it for the benefit of children, families and the common good of society.
How can you help us turn this tide of devastation and hostility toward marriage? Donate now!


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John Stemberger is a trial lawyer

John Stemberger is a trial Lawyer and in my opinion collecting money to further the extremist agenda under the guise of this being a religious site.You may as well send money to Bennie Hinn!
WWJD,he would not pretend to further the word of God then use that money for politics.
If I remember Jesus didn't like politicians,wasn't he crucified by Republicans?

Expose' John Stemberger is a trial lawyer

Physical address is same as,look at both these sites.

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