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Why did Crist reject Sotomayor?

"Who are you pandering to? And why now?'' asks the Florida Democratic Party of Gov. Charlie Crist's decision to oppose the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor. His Republican Senate rival, Marco Rubio, argues that his position contradicts his record of appointing "liberal'' judges like James Perry, who like Sotomayor, was crititicized by the National Rifle Association.

Indeed, Crist's rejection of Sotomayor -- even though she is likely to be easily confirmed -- was unexpected, especially considering her potentially historic position as the first Hispanic justice on the Supreme Court. In fact, the governor was recently rapped by the state's high court for rejecting a list of judicial nominees because he said it wasn't diverse enough.

The governor's position on Sotomayor risks angering leaders in the Hispanic community, which he failed to win over in his 2006 election despite his party's traditional hold on the fast-growing voting bloc. He''ll need Hispanic support to win a general election in 2010.

But it's the conservative wing of his party that dominates statewide primaries. Though Rubio is not viewed as a major threat, his energetic and passionate defense of conservative principles have gained him more traction that many expected. As the Washington Post's Chris Cillizza put it, Crist is taking a "better-safe-than-sorry" approach.

One other thing to consider: Crist's Senate bid was endorsed by Senate MInority Leader Mitch McConnell -- one of only a few senators who have come out against Sotomayor.


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Noneya Biz

Crist just sealed his fate in the General Election. I couldn't be happier. Rubio will still lose the primary... by a huge margin. Then Kendrick Meek will narrowly win the General. The Democratic party will tie Crist to the wackos in the GOP, as well a point to the fact that Crist himself failed the FL Bar exam 4 times... he passed on the 5 time of taking the test. He has NEVER practiced law... although he was elected AG for one term. And does not even have a judicial philosophy to argue on his behalf... against Sotomayor's enormously impressive record!

We need educated leaders in our US Senate... not professional politicians who change views as often as they change their underwear.


Because the Dumbocrat, Shucking Chuckles, is rightly afraid that his having embraced, fully and frontally, the profligate Demobamacrat spending plans, conservative voters in the Republican primary will send him a strong, fatal message.

Super Mario's insurgent, conservative campaign against this Republican poser is scaring the bejesus out of our Dumbocrat Governor and his party boss stooge, Jim Greer.

Charlie is a Scaredy Cat

Charlie did this because beneath the sun-tan facade, he is scared silly of Marco Rubio's groundswell among Republicans. Rubio has no money. Nobody knows him. He doesn't have the support of the Republican structures, but he has got Charlie's wobbly little knees trembling.


I disagree with both Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio and think that Sotomayor is worth supporting. But at least, unlike Crist's, Rubio's opposition to Sotomayour is based on principle and genuine concern for the Constitution and Law. Charlie's opposition is hypocritical, inconsistent with his own judicial appointments and based solely one one principle-----political convenience.


Here's the answer to your question:

Chuckles the Clown took a poll.

Florida Voters Watching



There is no debate, Crist will win in the primary, the general election is another story.


For all of you Republicans that want a Republican Senator from Florida, you had better pray that Crist wins. Rubio would not have a chance in a Primary against a Democrat Pig running for election. Rubio is too far right and extreme--with power, he would be a dangerous man. There is no way the army of Democrats in this state would allow a right wing like Rubio to be Senator--bet on it.


He is obviously pandering to White voters, because he thinks Rubio will lock up the Hispanic vote anyway. Typical Republican thinking that all voters of a particular color vote the same way!


so Latino voters will vote for Rubio because he has a hispanic last name? Not sure about that. this was a bad move by CC. The only worse move he could make would be to come out of the closet.


Love FLorida, hate most of it's culture and politics as evident by some of the predictions and posturing by these posts. FL must be a magnet for armchair warriors.


I wouldn't think that's the smartest thing to do in FL. But...who would ever use the terms "republican" and "smart" in the same sentence?

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