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Crist and LeMieux fly to Broward for event

Too bad, Judge Spencer D. Levine.

Gov. Charlie Crist had planned to attend his investiture to the Fourth District Court of Appeal at 3 p.m. but now he's got more pressing duties. He's planning to fly to Broward with George LeMieux, his newly-appointed U.S. Senator, for a celebratory trip back home to Broward.

The event is scheduled for 5 p.m. at the Fort Lauderdale city commission chambers, 100 North Andrews Ave.


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This has got to be driving Ballard absolutely nuts. I love it!

Great pick, Governor. George will be a fantastic US Senator.


This choice marks the beginning of the end for Governor Crist's campaign for the Senate.


This selection marks the beginning of the end for Crist. The Governor had an chance to shine but instead, he squandered this very important opportunity.

This choice will only anger the conservative base even more than it is now and give much needed ammunition to the Democrats at a time when the Republican brand needs a much-needed boost.

Let's go Marco!

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