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Crist seeking counsel on '7 or so' for Martinez replacement

Gov. Charlie Crist said Wednesday morning that he is reaching out to people he trusts for advice on how best to fill Sen. Mel Martinez' seat, now that Martinez is stepping down early.

Crist made the statements when asked about Roberto Martinez, former U.S. Attorney and current Board of Education member, as a potential pick. Here's the exchange:

Crist: "I have reached out to several people that I have a great deal of respect for, to get their advice and counsel on some names. and there's probably about seven or so names... and we will have more for you later."

Times/Herald: "What about Rep. (Anitere) Flores, whose name has begun circulating as yet another potential replacement?

Crist: "She called me this morning."

Times/Herald: "Is she on the list?"

Crist: "There is no formal list."

Times/Herald: "You said there's seven names."

Crist: "I said there may be."


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Denny R. Wood

I have reviewed the list of potential candidates for the U.S. Senate appointment. Same old political hacks. I have sent a letter to the Governor recommending that he appoint Kenneth Plante known as "Kenny". Kenny was a senator for many years, republican and always in the minority as a republican those days. Kenny was admired and loved by all the senators irregardless of party line. He was able to "reach across the aisle" as they call it. He was good for all of Florida. His history on just helping people with dsabilities legislation made him famous with that 20%, plus population. He sponsored bills for the disabled that passed. Kenny is now a lobbyist, and I'll bet you can't find a single legislator who would NOT support Kenny, republican or democrat. Kenny cares about Florida and could accomplish wonders in the remaining months of this term. Kenny would have to be drafted to take the job. We need a man or woman of good character and high stature to replace Senator Martinez. A person who reacts to all elements and voters of Florida. Kenny Plante is this man. Even the current democratic legislators who work with Kenny would support his appointment.
Denny R. Wood, pro bono lobbyist for people with disabilities. dignity4@comcast.net

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