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Greer on opening up GOP party books: 'No. no. no.'

Republican Party of Florida Jim Greer said everything except not over my dead body to express his opposition to releasing the party's American Express bills in the wake of questions about former House Speaker Ray Sansom's spending.

"No no no,'' he said. "Never as long as I am chairman, and I am tired of talking about it."

Greer said Democrats are spreading false stories about party spending that are designed to hurt the GOP. "I am as tired as you are of reading this garbage...There's nothing inappropriate occurring.''

Yet Greer made a grand gesture by wielding a scissors and cutting up what he said was his own American Express card in front of about 200 party activists.


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Roger Stone

Jim Greer has spent RPOF money on 5-star resorts, luxury jet aircraft, expensive restaurants, green fees, sporting event tickets,$800 botles of wine, spa services,sports equipment, imported cigars, limosines and much worse. If there is nothing to hide then why not release the American Express records ?

Governor Crist talks endlessly about transparency. Why doesnt he order Greer to relase the records. What does this buffoon know ? What's worse Greer was fully aware of Samson's spending- and did and said nothing. Why? Because Greer's wild spending is worse.

The Miami Herald reported Greer' expensive weekend at the Breakers where his suite was $1500 a night and his room service bill was more. Spa services and huge bar tabs were also paid for by RPOF. Greer wont release the records " as long as I am chairman".

The tax evasion implications are clear. Why does Governor Crist let this fester? What is there to hide?

This wont go away. It isnt democrats asking questions- it's Republican donors. Perhaps this is why the RPOF fundraisng has dried up.

Other than losing Florida for the McCain-Palin ticket and losing a congressional seat what his Greer accomplished? The man is delusional and dumb as a brick.


What happened to the 40 large flat screen tv's purchased for Presidency IV by RPOF?? I would check with the cronies and in their living rooms to see if they show up anywhere!

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