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It's looking like Sen. George LeMieux

An announcement is expected today -- Gov. Charlie Crist's schedule is wide open this morning. Odds are that Crist's former chief of staff, George LeMieux, has cleared his calendar as well.


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hattori hanzo

Finally, the charade is over...

UF Republican

Don't think its him. Nothing against George personally or professionally, but this may be taken very badly by the Republican Base, and possibly Independents, who perceive this as blatant favoritism or payback.

Cynical Idealist

That could be, but Jim Smith's and Clay Shaw's calendars are free, too...

jax gop

Yeah, though I've heard good things about George, perception might not be so hot if he picks him...Shaw would probably be best.


LeMieux would be a brilliant choice!!!!


Mr. LeMieux may very well be a very competent and loyal aide to the Governor. But if the Governor appoints him to the Senate, it will be the beginning of the end for Crist's race for the Senate.

Crist needs to appoint someone who has the "gravitas" or high degree of respect and influence from years of experience working with both political parties. A much higher degree than even the Governor himself has.

If Crist appoints LeMieux, it all smells like backroom deals, good ole' boy cronyism with a strong after taste of corruption and political payback.

It would be a grave mistake for the Governor to appoint his former campaign chief and former chief of staff to such a prestigious post as the United States Senate. No offense to Mr. LeMieux, personaly, it's just the reality of the matter.

Remember what Joseph "Joe" Kennedy always said:

"It's Not What You Are That Counts, It's What People Think You Are That Counts."

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