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Martinez's resignation letter

This is the letter Mel Martinez is sending out today to friends and supporters. The official word is at 3 p.m. at the airport in Orlando.

"Because you’re a friend, I wanted you to know first about the decision I will announce today to step down from public office. Twelve years ago I offered myself as a candidate for public office in Florida out of a deep sense of appreciation for what America and the people of Florida did for me as a young immigrant to this country.

"In 1997, Kitty and I decided it was time to give back and we entered the public arena, first as Mayor of Orange County, then as a Member of the President’s cabinet and now as a United States Senator. Through those experiences I have gained the greatest respect for the people of Florida and have enjoyed serving their interests. When I began my term as Senator, I promised I wouldn’t simply warm a seat; I promised to take on the difficult issues and work to make a difference.

"Keeping that promise has meant pressing for help and assistance for families struggling to keep their homes, their jobs, and their confidence that our country is safe. And on that note, I am especially grateful to the men and women of our military and their families whom I have had the distinct honor of representing in Washington and I thank them for their service to our country.

"As a US Senator, I have also had a platform to speak against the oppression of the Cuban regime and my hope for a better future for the people of Cuba. I will continue that lifelong passion in the next phase of my life. I will always be grateful to the people of Florida for bestowing on me the singular honor of representing them in the United States Senate. 

"My priorities have always been my faith, my family and my country and at this stage in my life, and after nearly twelve years of public service in Florida and Washington, it’s time I return to Florida and my family.

"So today I am announcing my decision to step down from public office, effective on a successor taking office to fill out the remainder of my term. I have enjoyed my time in the Senate and have the utmost respect for my colleagues and the institution. I especially thank Republican Leader Mitch McConnell for his guidance and insight."


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Denny R. Wood

As an advocate for people with disabilities I only contacted the Office of Senator Martinez once, seeking his assistance to fix the Fair Housing for people with disabilities. I not only contacted him directly, but faxed the same letter to all of his offices in Florida. His total response, staff and himself was ZERO.
Fair Housing for people with disabilities is DEAD. This is due to many high powered law firms being paid by Insurance Companies who have policies for Boards of Associations. This is a huge legal industry. The plaintiff's cannot even get legal representation, irregardless of what the HUD web site says. Clients have to go pro se and get killed in the Federal Courts as the high powered attorneys eat them up. Visit www.briarwinds.com. This is where a pro se plaintiff is being killed off in Federal Court.
My response to the Senator Martinez resignation is simply good riddance to someone who chose not to help people with disabilities in Florida and the United States of America.
Denny R. Wood at dignity4@comcast.net.


The Sen. was rather lame as a Rep. he voted more with the Dem. party than with his own. He is probably resigning to avoid being connected with voting for Democratic bills, so he can run for another office. Lets hope the governor will appoint a placeholder who will vote as a Republican and be a lot less liberal.

David L. Wylie

Guess the good Senator didn't want to face those unruly so-called grassroot protesters at townhall meetings!


Good riddance, he was not a conservative as he claimed and he rarely voted in the best interest of Floridians.

Dan Renzi

Is he resigning to let Charlie Crist appoint himself as a replacement?

Tampa Chicken

I am not surprised that Martinez is stepping down, I can't believe people voted him in. He was a do nothing Senator, that was in way above his head. As for the why he is stepping down. It would not surprise me if he does not have some early form of Alzhiemers, seriously!

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