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Ray Sansom's greatest (credit card) hits

What's a budget chief to do in tough financial times when he preaches** that Florida should "not spend money we don't have"? Spend someone else's cash, specifically the money that all the Republican Party of Florida donors ponied up to influence the process.

Top 5 vendors:

Cingular/ATT  $22,386.16
Enterprise  $13,392.19
Delta Airlines  $12,659.66
Best Buy  $11,475.15
Friendly Florist  $  8,993.97

Top 5 expense types

Hotel  $    43,555.05
Air  $    30,156.14
Food  $    22,970.18
Car  $    19,964.42
Phone  $    13,614.38

Top 5 cities

Destin  $33,023.06
Tallahasse  $23,749.00
Fort Walton Beach  $11,242.94
Chicago  $10,828.77
Orlando  $  6,011.59

** Note: Sansom made the statement while he was budget chief (and before he became House Speaker and then indicted former House Speaker)


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