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U.S. Senator Lincoln Diaz-Balart? U.S. Rep. Marco Rubio?

Here's what Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart had to say about reports that he's on Gov. Charlie Crist's list for potential Senate candidates.

"Governor Crist has the best interests of the people of Florida at heart," Diaz-Balart said Friday night. "I trust his judgment."

Florida Democrats suggest this scenario: Diaz-Balart is appointed senator, opening up a congressional seat for Crist GOP primary rival, Marco Rubio, to run for Congress in a special election. That could prove a tidy solution, allowing Crist to score points with the Hispanic community and dispatch his pesky rival. It would also allow the GOP to give Rubio, its young Cuban American star, some love.

"Stranger things have happened," said Eric Jotkoff, spokesman for the Florida Democratic Party. "How else can one explain LDB being on the short list?"

Rubio, who volunteered for Diaz-Balart's 1992 campaign, says the congressman is "very talented, very qualified and he'd do a great job in the U.S. Senate." And would he run for Diaz-Balart's seat?

"I'm running for the U.S. Senate," Rubio said. "All of that is political speculation. It's been an unusual political year but the fact now is I'm running for the U.S. Senate."


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Lincoln Diaz-Balart would be a GREAT Senator ----permanently. Crist should appoint him and then Diaz-Balart should turn around and run for the seat. We would have someone with the qualities Crist sorely lacks ---being smart and hardworking.

El Gordo

What a game.....LDB would never give his congressional seat up, Charles is using his name. This is cooked and Smith will be the caretaker.

Charlie Rangel

Senator Who? Can you imagine Lincoln Diaz-Balart filubustering?.....he could be there for months. God help us all


Are these serious political reporters? Is one really supposed to seriously believe that LDB will be appointed to the U.S. Senate only to serve for a little over one year? Particularly after he was forced to wage an expensive, drag-out fight to defeat his longtime nemesis, Raul Martinez just last year? And what happens after November, 2010, is LDB expected to quietly retire politically and leave his Congressional seat so that the "GOP can give Marco some love?" In this town, "love" is very hard earned. Very dumb analisis indeed.

C'mon people! Put your brain cells together and think of a real political news story.

Crist will appoint someone who is well respected in both political camps but a little more conservative in his ideology in order to appease the conservative base and one who is not a typical politician that could threaten him later on. The purpose of making this kind of appointment is for Crist to leave a very positive impression in people's minds that he made "a very intelligent, choice."

As to why LDB made the Governor's list? Many reasons. LDB could want something from the House GOP leadeship and making such a distinguished list, helps him win over brownie points. Crist needs the help of conservative Cuban voters badly and having LDB on the list is a way to give some much needed "love" to this voting bloc. Who knows?

But this thing is for sure - LDB is not going to sacrifice his 17-year old Congressional seat (the safest Congressional seat in all of South Florida since November, 2008) only to serve one year in the Senate and then, step away into oblivion. And Crist is not going to appoint someone who may be a threat to him in just one year.

Before you "political reporters" print something, think about it first will ya?

Sally Bratshaw

I think it should be Lincoln Diaz Balart because then most people will find complete comfort with a hispanic in that seat including those in north Florida and especially south Florida. so that would make it even harder for charlie when it comes to Marco.

Ileana Rodriguez

Well, there is only one thing to do in this race since all involved are acting as if they were bipolar...is to vote for Kendrick Meek and forget everyone else. Florida will be better off..just think about it..


team lincoln diaz balart

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