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This is your grandmother's town hall meeting

Pushing back at the notion that a congressman can't host a civilized town hall these days, U.S. Rep. Ron Klein's office is touting his meeting yesterday with about 100 residents of the Abbey Delray South retirement community. The office released this picture and others. Looks like everyone is sitting in their seats and using their "inside" voices.

"Fortunately it did run smoothly,'' said Klein's deputy press secretary, Sarah Rothschild, who said the only people at the meeting were condo residents and congressional staff.

Klein's office is also trying to counter criticism that he is avoiding the public by hosting a telephone town hall meeting on healthcare later this month, noting that yesterday's event was among 70 he has planned during the August recess.


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That's because it was probably the Democrat Club.


Marge it clearly stats that it was held at "Abbey Delray South retirement community".

sick of dirty broward politicians

Just like Century Village has a democrat club (and a much smaller republican club), so does Abbey Delray...

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