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Argenziano and Lopez-Cantera get in dust up over PSC

Lopez-Cantera Argenziano PSC Commissioner and former state senator Nancy Argenziano and Rep. Carlos Lopez-Cantera have traded heated letters this week following a Herald/Times story that noted that Lopez-Cantera was the lone vote on the PSC nominating council against re-nominating Commissioner Matthew Carter

Lopez-Cantera didn't like that Carter voted to require FPL to disclose their salaries and because he thought Carter lacked strong leadership. Argenziano told us that Cantera's attitude was another example of the kind of legislative intimidation that keeps the PSC too political, and too cozy with the utilities it regulates.

Lopez-Cantera fired back. In a letter to Argenziano, he produced copies of a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission report that detailed the salaries of several executive officers of FPL who make more than $50,000. The list does not include all 400 employee FPL has who make more than $165,000, which Argenziano and the commission unanimously called for, nor does it include the executive compensation packages which FPL has provided, but kept confidential for each named employee.

Lopez-Cantera said he was critical of Carter and the rest of the commission for a "lack of awareness'' of the federal report, noting the it took his office "less than an hour to produce. "The same information would have saved the PSC time and the taxpayer money,'' he wrote. Download Cantera letter to Argenziano

Argenziano shot back with a letter of her own. She wrote that Lopez-Cantera's "gullible acceptance'' of the FERC report was "flabbergasting.'' She said the data "underreports the salaries of the individuals identified" and "totally disregards stock awards, option awards, bonuses. and 'non equity compensation' – none of which is available on line, as you advise -  and was thus of absolutely no value to the Commission."  She even suggests he could have "simply attached an abstracted portion of the utility’s argument at hearing."  Download Cantera from Argenziano

Lopez-Cantera, by the way, has said he opposes FPL's rate hike.

Meanwhile, here's Argenziano's letter to State Attorney Willie Meggs, outlining why she thinks he should call a grand jury to investigate the PSC and what she believes the Legislature has undue influence over it: Download Argenziano to Meggs


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all around it is the same the regulaters have verry close ties to the one they have to regulate.but in the case of FPL/PE and FPU we have monopolies ,greedy ones ,looting their customers and slapping fees for whatever they think.over billing for service .over paying their CEO all with the OK of a corrupt commission with no customer representation,contributing millions to politico's all paid for by their customers.This is not healthy.we have to say no to a rate hike to build reactors we don't need them they cost to much use to much water and produce to much dangerous waste.We are Florida the sunshine state let the sun give us the power we need and cheap.to join go to

Play Ball

The PSC Teams:

RUDD - resigned, PINGIVER
MUIR - attacking media, PINGIVER
BANE - in hiding

BOOTER - resigned
TECH GUY - practicing blocking

TWOMEY - hiding
FASANO - not hiding

MCNULTY - straight arrow, NONPINGIVER
SKOP PERSONALITY #2 - keeping eye on skop

HOLLEY -checking conference schedule, PINGIVER

Hire Frank!

hey nancy, did frank write that letter? it sure sounds like his style. maybe you can hire him to replace larry. or what that you plan all along? poor larry got fired for something trivial just to give a job to your inside man.


How amazing the Republican boys are. They never change. They send out arrogant, incorrect disrespectful letters, then trash the person when they write back, correct, and Bit-h slap them.
Cantera messed with someone that will always clean his clock. I can hardly believe that Cantera would send out a letter like that. Perhaps he needs a a better aide to stop him from making a fool out of himself. Can you believe he would try to tell her that the VP of FPL only made $23,000.? What a putz for sure. And he was wrong and arrogannt to top it off. Reading both letters is the best because you get the real feel of his, and then her response. Shes lived longer then he has, served far longer in both houses of the legislature, and is a Italian that grew up in Brooklyn. You shouldn't treat her with disrespect or you get what you deserve. Cantera should apologize for the nasty cocky letter, or go hide under a rock from embarrassment.

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