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Argenziano and Lopez-Cantera get in dust up over PSC

Lopez-Cantera Argenziano PSC Commissioner and former state senator Nancy Argenziano and Rep. Carlos Lopez-Cantera have traded heated letters this week following a Herald/Times story that noted that Lopez-Cantera was the lone vote on the PSC nominating council against re-nominating Commissioner Matthew Carter

Lopez-Cantera didn't like that Carter voted to require FPL to disclose their salaries and because he thought Carter lacked strong leadership. Argenziano told us that Cantera's attitude was another example of the kind of legislative intimidation that keeps the PSC too political, and too cozy with the utilities it regulates.

Lopez-Cantera fired back. In a letter to Argenziano, he produced copies of a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission report that detailed the salaries of several executive officers of FPL who make more than $50,000. The list does not include all 400 employee FPL has who make more than $165,000, which Argenziano and the commission unanimously called for, nor does it include the executive compensation packages which FPL has provided, but kept confidential for each named employee.

Lopez-Cantera said he was critical of Carter and the rest of the commission for a "lack of awareness'' of the federal report, noting the it took his office "less than an hour to produce. "The same information would have saved the PSC time and the taxpayer money,'' he wrote. Download Cantera letter to Argenziano

Argenziano shot back with a letter of her own. She wrote that Lopez-Cantera's "gullible acceptance'' of the FERC report was "flabbergasting.'' She said the data "underreports the salaries of the individuals identified" and "totally disregards stock awards, option awards, bonuses. and 'non equity compensation' – none of which is available on line, as you advise -  and was thus of absolutely no value to the Commission."  She even suggests he could have "simply attached an abstracted portion of the utility’s argument at hearing."  Download Cantera from Argenziano

Lopez-Cantera, by the way, has said he opposes FPL's rate hike.

Meanwhile, here's Argenziano's letter to State Attorney Willie Meggs, outlining why she thinks he should call a grand jury to investigate the PSC and what she believes the Legislature has undue influence over it: Download Argenziano to Meggs