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Argenziano fires her staff aide for giving FPL phone code

Public Service Commissioner Nancy Argenziano, who has criticized her agency for being too close to the utilities it regulates, fired her top aide Sunday after he admitted to giving the private messaging code for his BlackBerry to a Florida Power & Light executive.

Larry Harris, 40, who has been at the PSC since 2001, volunteered to resign and seek a job elsewhere in the PSC after Argenziano read a Miami Herald story online late Saturday revealing that at least three PSC aides had given the messaging codes to an FPL executive. Harris worked as a senior attorney at the PSC before joining Argenziano's staff in 2007. He said he has no guarantee that he will find a new PSC job.

The Herald/Times has reported that the messaging codes -- called Personal Identification Numbers, or PINS -- had been given to FPL attorney Natalie Smith, potentially allowing the utility to communicate directly with commissioners outside public view and without leaving a paper trail. More here.


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So the aide says he gave out Argenziano's PIN because it is public record.

Well, the media--with their love of public records and access to them-- surely doesn't want to admit that they probably are public records, because there is no specific exemption in law exempting PINs from the public record provision in the Constitution.

But, how stupid can a staffer or collection of them be? The aide should have punted the request to the PSC general counsel and informed his boss of the request.

Now the more serious question is: are the PSC staffers more idiotic for their incompetence, or are the commissioners more incompetent for hirng idiots?

Leg Staffer

Argenziano is one crass person. One time she totally berated the entire staff, including myself, of a state senator for no reason. And from what I hear, the PSC staff are not big fans of her because she treats people like dirt.

Another Old Timey Staffer

Argenziano got heat when she was a senator for berating her constituents who came to visit her. Another time she got heat for lying to her constituents about things to cover up her actions. She is untrustworthy.

By the way

Fired is not the same as resigned or even resigned. The looseness in using the phraze "fired" could open this paper up to a libel suit.

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