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Barack Obama: The Manchurian President?

Manchurian-candidate_l Grab some popcorn and click here for a sneak peek of President Barack Obama's speech to the nation's schoolchildren on Tuesday. Angela Lansbury thought it rocked.


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Osceola County students will not watch President Obama's speech live
posted by LesliePostal on Sep 3, 2009 12:25:43 PM

In Osceola County, public school students will not be watching the President's speech live -- because of "limitations on our bandwith," according to a message from the superintendent on the district's website.

The district will be recording the speech, reviewing it and then deciding if it should be used as a "possible extension of our social studies curriculum, where appropriate," said the message from Superintendent Michael Grego.

"It is a positive action that we are collectively focusing on the well-being of our students. If parents have concerns or questions, please contact your school principal."


I'm not a fan of President Obama but I feel that if we Republicans criticize EVERYTHING the President does, it will come across as petty and even racist, in the long run.

Remember, we have learn to pick our battles.

Let the man have his say to the kids then question them when they get home. If he said something you found objectionable, set your kids straight, THEN criticize him.

But, if the President just says to them: "stay in school and challange yourselves, keep away from drugs and respect your teachers and parents," we managed to create an uproar over nothing and managed to shoot ourselves in the foot - AGAIN!"


The fella' is neither bright nor experienced--much like the people who voted for him. Unfortunately, we all have to the pay the price, and can only hope that he will come around-resign-be impeached-or be a one-termer.

In the meantime, let him say what he wants (we don't yet know what it will be), and we parents must continue to teach the truths we know to be true.

What is truly scary is not so much Nobama himself, but how many people got suckered into voting for him. I guess the old saying is true: stupid is as stupid does.

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