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Broward saves drug treatment but axes jobs

Broward County Commissioners approved a budget that will lead to about 108 layoffs at the county and the Broward Sheriff's Office, but it partially saves drug treatment at the jails.

The county will use a trust fund from fees that has gone unused for several years to come up with about $400,000 and Sheriff Al Lamberti will match that. The money will save drug treatment for the year, but BSO needs to find a permanent funding source. The trust fund won't do the trick as it stands now since it only collects about $38,000 a year.

Budget documents from the county state that Lamberti used furloughs to help balance the budget. That's true -- for the employees not in unions which will save about $1 million. But the union workers who volunteered nearly 19,000 hours of furloughs had those hours held in abeyance and they were not used to save jobs or programs at BSO.


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