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Fasano thinks it might be time for elected PSC

Well, you knew this was coming, right?

Sen. Mike Fasano's staff is working with the folks in bill drafting on a joint resolution that would, with a three-fifths vote of both chambers, add to the 2010 ballot a proposal for a return to an elected Public Service Commission. The proposal would ask voters whether they like the PSC as is -- an appointed body regulating utilities -- or as it used to be years ago -- an elected body.

Fasano's move comes as he seeks a suspension of PSC utility hearings, in light of investigations into inappropriate communication and socializing between PSC and utility officials.

“Given all that has happened within the last 10 days, I believe the people right now would feel a little bit different about having an appointed commission," Fasano said. "I think overwhelmingly now people would support an elected one. People will argue, 'Well it becomes political.' But how much more political can it get than it is now? The utlities can’t lobby the commission, so they lobby the Legislature that decides who sits on the commission.”