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Martinez aide lobbied Pentagon for GOP donor Sargeant

Sen. Mel Martinez's office repeatedly intervened in a 2007 legal dispute between the Defense Department and a company owned by a top Republican fundraiser who is now at the center of a campaign-finance investigation, according to records obtained by The Miami Herald.

In a series of phone calls and e-mails, a Martinez aide urged Pentagon contract officers to seek a "fair resolution'' to $14 million in contract claims sought by the International Oil Trading Co., a fuel-supply company co-owned by Harry Sargeant III of Boca Raton.

At one point, Pentagon officials told the senator's office it was "not appropriate'' to discuss any settlements while the company's lawsuit was pending in court, records show.

As Martinez's staffer was lobbying the Pentagon, Sargeant and his wife donated $50,000 to the Republican National Committee  then headed by Martinez. At the time, Sargeant was the finance chairman of the Republican Party of Florida.

Martinez, who will step down from his Senate seat next week, did not respond to several interview requests made through his press secretary. In the past, he has said the RNC donations were unrelated to Sargeant's contract dispute.

Full story here.


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the question is..

Who was his aide? An entire story and it doesn't mention the aide by name?


Dude, yu've got to read the WHOLE article. The aide's name was John Goetchius.


While Martinez was barrelling out the door, after spending time through his aide to get reimbursement for BILLIONS for Crist's friend Sargeant, another fact has emerged.
Seems Mr Sargreants' company has received approval from the Tampa Port Authority for oil and gas storage. Port Director in Tampa, Mr Winnano was the Palm Beach Port director before Jeb BUSH promoted him for Tampa Port Director job.
Mr Sargeants' oil company storage seems to co-incide with the same period of the Palm Beach filed lawsuit against him. ALSO the same period Charlie Crist, our Governor decided to CHANGE his mind about oil drilling off our coast.
DEP Castille's emails to and from Jeb in a secret slush email account show Jeb's position was for oil drilling with buffers. But Castille's OIL speech before the US Congress show a greater interest in natural gas drilling. Our Tampa Port has many gas pipelines coming in from the Gulf for gas pipelines now.
Crist is JEB LITE.

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