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Mel Martinez lands a job

Says BLT - the Blog of Legal Times -- which says the former Florida senator has been hired by law firm DLA Piper as a partner in its Washington and Tampa offices.

"DLA Piper partner Ignacio Sanchez confirmed the news following a partnership vote. Martinez, who left the Senate earlier this month, starts at the firm on Oct. 1.

" 'When he announced he was going to retire and let the governor appoint someone to finish out the term, I immediately talked to him and said, you really ought to consider looking at our firm. I think you would really do well, and we would love to have you,' Sanchez said."

Martinez will not be able to lobby for at least 2 years.



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truth hurts

Wait until the DLA Piper guys discover --too late after the signing bonus!-- that they hired a do-nothing prima donna who has lost all credibility with the Florida power elite.

The downward job spiral begins.


Mel is a decent man that was so upset with the Washington corruption that left the Senate before the end of his term. I think that if you are an honest person you cannot serve is such a cesspool of thieves. I also think that a lot of decent politicians are waiting for a THIRD PARTY to emerge and run. Then I will vote for him again.


Yea, he was too "decent." That's the real reason Mel left the Senate.

If you believe that then you'll also believe that if Juanes "tapped" his shoes 3 times, the "power of music" will make all the bad people in the world go away - Idiot!


Fulanito....how about a referrence us gringos can identify with?

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