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Potential Senate candidate Ferre sounds off on LeMieux

Former Miami Mayor Maurice E. Ferré, who is said to be interested in getting into the Democratic primary for retired Sen. Mel Martinez's seat, is bashing Gov. Charlie Crist's pick for interim senator.

"Now is when Florida needs an effective advocate in Washington to ensure that Florida gets back a greater share of what we send to the Capitol," he wrote in the Herald. "We also need to get a more equitable share of federal stimulus funds.

"In short, we need someone who can 'deliver the bacon,' the way former Congressmen Bill Lehman, Paul Rogers and Claude Pepper did effectively for the Sunshine State. Instead, Crist appointed lobbyist George LeMieux.

"Passing over men and women experienced in the corridors of power, and those who have relationships with key decision makers in the Congress, the governor has appointed a political operative with no federal or legislative experience."


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Sounds like sour grapes from a washed-up former Mayor...get a life and stop complaining, be part of the solution or get out of the way!


Maurice Ferre is right on the money. The former Mayor makes excellent points. But, it is nuts for him to think he can beat Kendrick Meek or eventually, Charlie Crist. Trekking up and down the State of Florida campaigning is not an easy task for a man in his 70's with no name ID outside of some in the Puerto Rican community, not currently in office, no fundraising base and no statewide structure. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Ego should not get in the way of logic, especially if the common goal is beating Crist.


Isn't this the same guy who got beat like a drum last time he ran in South Florida? Wasn't getting beaten by Arthur Teele humiliation enough in one lifetime? Some times, people need to look at reality and decide it is time to make a graceful exit and support others who are now on stage. If he runs, he is going to go from being a washed-up "has been", to being a laughing stock. It would be a sad ending for the guy. And he is totally right on Lemieux. Geeze, only thing worse than Lemieux as Florida's Senator is Charlie Crist as our Governor.


This guy should run!


The former Mayor's comments are absolutely correct but 2 weeks too late. Mr. Ferre should remain in retirement and not risk losing the stature that someone of his caliber built years ago.

Yes, he was defeated but he accepted defeat greacefully and has earned the title of elder statesman of local Miami politics. Compared to Suarez and Carollo, Ferre is the "sage" of Miami.

There is no need to tarnish that image now.

"Ambiton sometimes supercedes intelligence."


September 11, 2009
Florida's newest senator: "You Lie" Wilson ought to be censured

AP reports that Florida Sen. George LeMieux -- who took office Thursday but sat in the House gallery Wednesday night for President Barack Obama's health care speech -- was outraged by the "You Lie" heckle lodged at the president by Rep. Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina.
"That was embarrassing and shameful," said LeMieux, a Republican appointed to the post by Republican Gov. Charlie Crist. "Everybody in the chamber just gasped. He should be censured."
Obama called LeMieux Friday to welcome him to town and congratulate him on his appointment. He told the Republican he's looking foward to working with him in Washington. LeMieux returned the sentiment.
The president said -- and LeMieux agreed -- it's a good time to be in Washington with so many pressing issues on the agenda. No word on the details of what "pressing issues" they might have discussed. LeMieux told reporters on Thursday at his first press conference that he's troubled by the pricetag of Obama's health care reform plan.
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