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PSC lobbyist showed 'poor judgment'

As state authorities investigate the Public Service Commission for improper contact with the companies it regulates, an inspector general's report released Wednesday all but cleared the agency's lobbyist for attending a Kentucky Derby party at the home of Florida Power & Light executive during a pending rate case.

The PSC inspector general concluded Wednesday that PSC lobbyist Ryder Rudd's appearance at the party of FPL vice president Ed Tancer "though not specifically prohibited by law or rule, constituted poor judgment and could create negative perceptions.'' Rudd supervises 28 staff members that were involved in two FPL issues before the commission.

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Open Government

Ryder Rudd should be fired. He is an embarassment. It is highly unethical to attend a private dinner party for a utility that your "state agency" regulates. Then again Mr. Rudd serves FPL more than he does his fellow works at the PSC or every day citizens. He is a wannabee lobbyist who is looking to ingratiate himself to a utility in the hopes that one day they will hire him.

Cynical Idealist

Open Government....

Pretty harsh recommendations for a guy whose own IG said of his actions, "though not specifically prohibited by law or rule, constituted poor judgment and could create negative perceptions."

So, it's clear you're basing your termination recommendation on perception. That smacks of Fascism to me. Who appointed you leader of the lynch mob?

While I don't think he's the best lobbyist walking the halls, he's not nearly the worst. And, were he to succeed at landing a job with one of the utilities (highly unlikely give the publicity he's garnered) he wouldn't be the only guy in government who's used his position to grease his move into the private sector.

While you may call yourself "open government" there's certainly nothing open about it...

Your mind that is.


tip of the iceberg


Well Ryder Rudd is only one player in this game—what about DEP lobbyist Cameron Cooper, who is practically on the payroll of Progress Energy’s Chris Flack? They’re together all over Florida and on vacations. And we wonder why the renewable energy bill didn't pass...

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