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Rubio decries stimulus for sex offenders

Former House Speaker Marco Rubio, who has put bashing the economic stimulus plan at the forefront of his Senate campaign, seized on today's Miami Herald story about the possibility of using federal money for homeless people to help house sex offenders living under a Miami bridge.

"Today, there is even more evidence that instead of creating jobs, stimulus money is being lavished on just about anything politicians can think of as new spending is considered to house sex offenders and predators in Florida,'' he said. "As Floridians endure an economic crisis, it is outrageous that stimulus dollars that falsely promised to put them back to work are instead being considered to house sex offenders and predators."


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do we just want these folks scattered about the neighborhood? "Marco Rubio...a homeless sex offender for every community" great slogan for the Senate! What a reactionary moron. Is the best we can against the empty tan?


So he wants these folks wandering about homeless? "Marco Rubio...a homeless sex offender for every community"...great slogan for the Senate run. What a reactionary moron! Is this really the best we can do against the empty tan?

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