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Sink pushes her plan to fix felons' rights bungle

CFO Alex Sink, having failed to convince her fellow Cabinet and Clemency Board members last week to immediately revoke the rights of 13 ex-felons whose civil privileges apparently never should have been restored, is pressing on.

In a letter sent today to Gov. Charlie Crist, Sink asks him to convene an emergency meeting of the clemency board during tomorrow morning's Cabinet meeting so that "corrective proposals" can be considered.

"She is just continuing to reiterate her call for timely action on this matter," said spokeswoman Kyra Jennings.

In her letter, Sink divides the 13 cases into four categories and recommends how they be dealt with. For the five cases involving ex-offenders who owe restitution as part of their sentence, Sink wants them to be given 60 days to pay what they owe so that they maintain their civil rights. Anyone who fails to pay would have their rights rescineded.

"She recognizes the difference between someone who just owes restitution and someone who had a disqualifying offense, and her proposal takes that into account," Jennings said.

Read it here: Download Clemency Audit 092809