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Tamarac candidate bashes opponent for not tweeting

Ed Portner issued a press release today announcing his candidacy for mayor in Tamarac and tossed in some harsh words about his opponent and a mixed review of his daughter, County Mayor Stacy Ritter.

Portner, a former city commissioner term limited out of office last year, is a bit miffed that his daughter has endorsed his opponent, Mayor Beth Flansbaum-Talabisco. Ritter said in an interview earlier this year that she thought Talabisco was doing a good job and endorsed her before her father announced his plan to run.

Though Portner gives kudos to Ritter for her accomplishments, he also wrote: "Children make decisions that often disappoint parents; but she had made many right decisions: however, this one is wrong and I intend to prove it,'' he wrote.

In a press release he had to issue a second time because the first one was missing the attachment, Porter says his opponent isn't using today's technology -- he criticizes her for not being on Twitter or Facebook.

"That is how out of touch she is today,'' he wrote. 


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Poitner is having a Kickoff at the Senior Residence where he fronted for a developer against the City. He succeeded in undemining the whole project. He wanted to tax all the residents of the city and prayed on the fears of the seniors who live at that Residence.

Barnum and Baily

Portner is back. Technologically Saavy. This brings back fond memories of him throwing his toupee at meetings. I wonder if he is going to "moon" anyone at the Turkey Trot this year.

Rick G

Ed Portner? Is this the same Ed Portner that voted to raise taxes when he was a Commissioner? Is this the same Ed Portner that tried to get an 8% utility tax on all the people of Tararac? No wonder his daughter won't endorse him.

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