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The world according to Greer

Check out this clip of CNN's Suzanne Malveaux grilling Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer about his attack on President Barack Obama's first-day-of-school speech. By the end of the interview, she pushed Greer to admit that he "absolutely" agreed with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich that the speech was a good one and that he would let his own kids watch.

Then click here to read about what happened to the party chief who used to urge the GOP to focus on racial diversity and issues families talk about around the dinner table.


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Jim Greer should be keep in his cell.
Letting him out will only kill off whatever is left of the GOP.

The party purge that is ongoing is about to topple Crist and his attack dog.

Greer is clearly a moron who has bankrupted the party and his expenditures - $3.8 million in credit card bills - are under criminal investigation by the IRS.

Greer has already taken Crist down with him - good riddance to both!


If donors like Al Hoffman want Greer removed from his post, then they should tell his master, Charlie Crist that they wont donate any money to his Senate camapaing until he removes this bofoon. Greer exists only because and for Crist. Crist put him there and is the one keeping him there. Like with Lemieux, Crist put his personal interests way above the interests of the Party or the people of Florida. It's all about who will be best for Charlie.

george sheldon

Jim Greer is saying yes while trying to say "no."
Are all american politicians this looney?

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