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Herald/Times Video: Alex Sink's public-option silent treatment

What’s Alex Sink scared of?

Time and again, when asked about government-run “public option” insurance, she’s as quiet as a church mouse. In an Obama state where 20 percent of the population is uninsured, it would seem that government insurance would be attractive to a Democrat. It also polls well here, with 58 percent in support and 38 percent opposed in the last Quinnipiac University survey of Florida voters. (Caveat: there are hazards of polling this topic, see here, here and here)

Sink looks like she’s following the lead of the only other Florida Democrat elected to statewide office in Florida, Sen. Bill Nelson (beat Bill McCollum, Sink’s current Republican opponent, in 2000). During the summer, Nelson said precious little about health insurance and devoted his press statements to other pressing issues, like the menace of pythons and Chinese drywall. When he finally spoke up, Nelson suggested public-option supporters were clueless.

Sink hasn’t gone that far. She just says nothing. She wouldn't even grunt at a reporter who asked her about it Tuesday.

So what Democratic pols from Florida actually back their party’s leader


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She will loose.

Eric Jakoff

An earlier version of the clip has audio that says (paraphrasing:

-WOW I have been "man-handled" like that -

referring to Alex Sink giving the reporter the very cold shoulder.

I wonder if the Democratic Party called this reporter and asked as a favor to remove those last few seconds from the clip? She may have just been having a bad day...

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Yeah, i think she must may have just been having a bad day.


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