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Crist does NOT want to win this contest

Is there a full moon? First Forbes columnist Reihan Salam offers Gov. Charlie Crist as "America's worst governor."

Then Crist bizarrely claims he did not know, nor did his staff inform him, of this week's Florida itinerary for President Obama -- elected leader of said "America." Yesterday and today, he is visiting the state Crist was elected to lead.

And now The Washington Post's The Fix column is running a highly unscientific poll that offers Crist as one of six choices for "most overrated" governor in the United States. Crist and Texas Gov. Rick Perry are currently running neck and neck for that "win," based on over 2,500 votes so far, with the two toggling back and forth in the first place spot.

Like we said, highly unscientific. But certainly not the kind of victory the Crist campaign would be putting on a U.S. Senate mailer.


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Barack Stimulus Package

Could have fooled me that he didn't want to win the contest...


Let us count the ways Charlie has "helped" us. Oh, that's right, schools are worse; taxes are down, but, he questions Counties circumventing that by raising millage rates (duh); his new mini-insurance companies are falling like flies; he's run all the good insurance companies out of the State; took Stimulus money and robbed every State Trust Fund. Our State is teetering on bankruptcy (one storm away, People) and he's running all over American getting campaign contributions for a FLORIDa Senate seat! Frankly, I can't afford any more of Charlie's "help"!

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