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David Rivera pulling ahead

In the race to succeed Miami Sen. Alex Villalobos, Republican reps David Rivera and Anitere Flores are raking in the cash. Rivera, though, is raking in far more of it: $336,000 last quarter. Flores pulled in $153,000.

Conventional wisdom: Flores will make the race extremely competitive with half the cash. But if the current trends hold (and the conventional wisdom is right), then Rivera's in great shape. His cash on hand: $718,000. Hers: $304,000.


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Cynical Idealist

Rivera wins going away, but not by a landslide.

Flores will win

Flores will win because money is not the only deciding factor. Yes, Rivera's money will buy him mailers and strangers to work for him. The difference will be made by how many people they go out and meet. As long as Rivera stays hidden, he'll do well; if he goes out to meet potential constituents, he's doomed! Flores is genuine, and it becomes evident the moment you meet her. Rivera is disgusting, and it becomes evident the moment you meet him.


8:48 aka Amber Stoner. You really need to get over your obsession with Rivera. Just because you couldn't reel him in like you tried to reel me in doesn't mean you have to play the Glenn Close fatal attraction role. Focus on your supposed boyfriend overseas and maybe you'll actually hang on to a guy for once. But please, get over it already.


Trust me when I tell you that Amber Stoner (whoever he is) did not write the earlier comment. I wrote it. I am a constituent of Senate District 38 and am active in local politics. I keep tabs. I remember how Rivera screwed Miami-Dade College. I remember how he tried to screw the League against Cancer. It was Flores who saved their funding.


2008 Republican Primary results for Republican State Committeeman in Senate District 38:

David Rivera 45%
Alex Diaz delaPortilla 29%
Julio Robaina 23%

Anitere who? Enough said.


Is it true that Rivera, like a vampire, can't stand the light of day?

The state budget will flow red with blood next year. How fitting that Rivera is the House budget man.

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