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Dem AG rivals are 'friends' with elbows

Democratic attorney general rivals Dan Gelber and Dave Aronberg called each other "friends'' in front of a crowd of Democratic activists in Orlando but sought to raise doubts about each other's experience, voting record and political ambitions.   

Aronberg said being attorney general was his "dream job'' and indirectly chided Gelber for initially running for the U.S. Senate before he switched races.

Gelber, 48, emphasized his experience as a federal prosecutor. Aronberg, 38, is also a lawyer.

"I like Dave, but I do believe experience matters,'' Gelber said.


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We were there for the debate. Sadly, Aronberg confirmed that he is just not qualified to serve as Florida's AG. His repetitive argument that he really wants to be AG sounded like a kid on the playground saying he called the slide. You don't get to be attorney general just because you called dibbs on it. We know Aronberg can't really point to any cases of his own during his year and a half as an assistant AG, so he kept referring to the work of his old boss, Bob Butterworth. After the debate I heard someone say he didn't know Butterworth was running this year.

Gelber is head and shoulders above Aronberg on every point that matters. Aronberg may really want this job but it's Gelber who has earned it.

john thomlonson

I too was at the debate, and I think Aronberg did a better job answering the questions. Aronberg has just as much experience and has an impressive resume from his work with Butterworth, his consumer protection advocacy, and his educational background at Harvard etc. I'm voting for Dave Aronberg. I am tired of seeing the same faces in the Democratic party and this Dave is a fresh voice.

josh from weston

Great debate, but I left thinking that Aronberg is the future for our party. Just like Sink, he is closer to the mainstream and capable of winning statewide. Gelber comes from a liberal Miami district and never had a campaign. Republicans will destroy him.


John - you say Aronberg has "just as much experience" - you are kidding, right? A year and a half in the AG office vs. 8 years as an Assistant U. S. Attorney plus 2 years directing a U. S. Senate investigations panel?

If Aronberg has "just as much experience" as Gelber, can someone please name one, single, significant case that he ever brought while in the AG's office?

David Tobin

I too was there. I believe Gelber is the superior candidate. Dave is a good guy, but I do not believe he is ready to assume this important role. I also, was bothered by the constant mentioning of Butterworth.

Not an Aronberg Staffer

john and josh=aronberg staffers.

the notion that dan gelber doesn't know how to win is downright silly. he led the effort that won republican seats all over the state.

plus aronberg might have a slightly less democratic seat than gelber, but Buddy M, McBride, Davis, Skip and Obama won both of their districts.


Aronberg doesn't seem to get that he's no Bob Butterworth. Dan was better prepared, is the better candidate and will make a far better AG. Gelber's wicked smart too...I talked to him for a while and was thoroughly impressed.

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