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FOP endorses Dave Aronberg

State Sen. Dave Aronberg just got the endorsement of the state's second-largest police union, Fraternal Order of Police, in in the race for attorney general.

“After careful consideration by our legislative screening committee, it is my pleasure to announce that the Florida State Lodge, Fraternal Order Of Police proudly gives our full endorsement and support of Dave Aronberg for Attorney General,” James W. Preston, president of FOP Florida State Lodge, said in a written statement.


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Dave a Fraud

Dave Aronberg is a fraud who only cares about his own political career and not the people of Florida. He will sell out our rights with 2009 Senate Bill 360 where he allows the developers to cut up the state. Or the countless times he votes with Republicans killing our schools, courts, oil drilling, and every other aspects of our state.

Please Do Not Vote for Him


Wow! "Dave a Fraud" must be a Gelber staffer. This is a big endorsement for this race.


Dave Aronberg is a fine and decent man who cares about "doing right" by Florida's citizens. "Dave a Fraud" = muckslinging scumbag.


So, FOP endorses Dave AND Carey Baker?

Are they usually in the business of endorsing the obvious primary losers?

Baker will be crushed by Putnam, and Dan Gelber runs circles around Aronberg when it comes to law enforcement experience (hi, Janet Reno) and legal experience (Dave was pretty much an intern for the AG's office).

Dave sucks, so does Baker. Way to get it wrong, FOP.

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