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Is Rubio a proxy for Jeb v. Crist?

That was the question posted by MSNBC's Joe Scarborough this morning to Senate candidate Marco Rubio, whom he called "a guy who's making waves'' and a "troublemaker."

Rubio, who is gaining on Gov. Charlie Crist in the polls, said, "Jeb is a mentor and someone I've learned a lot from...I hope to earn his support...I've never asked him to support me."

Rubio said he passed "nine separate bills" as House Speaker that would have lowered property taxes but Crist wouldn't go along. (Neither did the Florida Senate, and what about the impact on public school funding?) "There is a consequence to failing to act,'' Rubio said. Scarborough didn't challenge Rubio's claim; guest Dan Senor, an advisor to former President George W. Bush, gushed, "He's one of the most interesting candidates of the 2010 cycle.''


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Nascar Dad

Does anyone other than Beth actually watch that show?


And what was she on?

Jeb is a Master Jedi.

Marco is a youngling.

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