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Mendelsohn contrib points finger at lobbyist Klenet

Howard Dvorkin, the man behind Consolidated Credit Counseling Service who is listed as "Contributor 4" in the indictment of political player Alan Mendelsohn, didn't take our calls to talk about the case. But after we wrote this story noting his company's involvement in the case, his company got talkative. It took issue with a phrase in the story saying Dvorkin "helped" pay the tuition of Mendelsohn's kids. In a statement, the company also seems to draw a bead on Russ Klenet:

Consolidated Credit retained Lobbyist Russ Klenet to help modify two words in proposed legislation that had been poorly drafted and would cause detrimental effects to the credit counseling industry in this state.  At the request of Klenet, a charitable donation was made to the Pine Crest School in lieu of the remainder of his fee for lobbying services performed.  The request was honored as it conformed with Consolidated Credit's  mission.  Payment was made by Consolidated Credit via a Consolidated Credit check with the name clearly displayed and the words donation printed in the memo section of the check.   Mr. Dvorkin was very familiar with the good work Pine Crest School does as his brother-in-law sat on the board and was very involved with the school.  The funds were earmarked as a charitable donation and certainly not intended to be used to the pay tuition of anyone. Why the school took a donation and applied it to someone's tuition remains an unanswered question.  

Mr. Dvorkin has never met Mr. Mendelsohn, he has never had any relationship with him, has never hired him for any reason whatsoever and never even knew his name prior to the indictment that was issued a few weeks ago.  Consolidated Credit and Mr. Dvorkin should be characterized as victims of Mr. Mendelsohn.