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PSC's Carter tells Crist 'we'll get back to you' on rate case delay

Public Service Commissioner Matthew Carter today responded to Gov. Charlie Crist's request that the panel postpone the rate cases for Florida Power & Light and Progress Energy, telling him he'll get back to him after the full commission decides what to do in three weeks.

Crist asked the commission to hold off on its decisions on the rate cases until his new appointees, former newspaperman David Klement and former Escambia County finance director and bar owner, Steve Stevens, take office.

But because the decision will have an impact on many Florida consumers, Carter said the commission should decide the issue in the open and all the parties involved should have a role in addressing it. "To avoid claims of violation of due process, th eparties to both dockets should be permitted ot address your request,'' he wrote.

He scheduled the issue for a discussion at the Oct. 27 meeting of the PSC, a week after FPL completes it rate case hearings.


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Matthew Carter remark is correct I quote "Because the decision will have an impact on Florida consumers........the commission should decide in the open......"point one it is proven that the commission is not independent,act in favor of....decide without the input of a consumer presence where is the fairness,the integrity,justice !!!!The consumer are fed up with this gooing on behind their backs.Stop this charade Mr.Crist we pay way to much for the utilities monopolies, open the market for competition or transform them to COOPS


Power Energy bill their customer twice without overside of the PSC.my complain is still unanswered
the first charge is the meter,the second is energy all expenses needed to produce and transport the power to the house. but the third is Fuel PE maintain with a straight face that no profit is made.and slap the consumer with a charge superior to charge nr.2. The 1000kwh limit is also a rip off in this hot weather.this is all done under the nose of the PSC "the independant entity"!!!!!


I wonder when we will have a Governor and officials without ties to the corporations people from the people for the people respecting their oat of integrity and justice.Where lobbying and bribing is illegal and for the giver/reciever and punish with an 100%TAX

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