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Republicans "welcome" Obama to Miami

The Republican National Committee is "welcoming" President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to Miami  with a new radio ad ripping the administration's policies -- in Spanish.

The ad will run today, Tuesday, and Wednesday in Miami. Listen here.

"President Obama and Vice President Biden are moving forward with a reckless government-run health care experiment that will have a devastating impact on American families," says RNC chair Michael Steele. "Despite the jam-packed fundraising schedule the president and vice president have during their Miami visit, they should find some time to explain to Florida’s Hispanic-Americans the real consequences that the Democrats’ plan will have on their community."
The one-minute ad claims Obama's $787 billion stimulus package (the one Florida Gov. Charlie Crist supported) hasn't created jobs
or stemmed the economic crisis and that seniors will be hurt by the health care plan.

"Big federal spending programs, no improvement in jobs, and Medicare cuts," the ad says. "That’s just not good enough.  We can’t afford for things to keep on this way.  Mr. President - is this the best you can do?"


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But I just want to let you know that I love the person that told Obama to come to Florida. Please keep sending Biden, Pelosi and Obama to Florida! The more of them, the more votes for the Republicans. There is no way that a single Floridian is going to make this state blue again. The Democrats LIE to us and look at us right now..we are worse off than a year ago. With the Republicans I had a job! I am about to lose my house for foreclosure and NO JOBS!

Judy Weismonger

The Democrats true religion is Socialism....which means "theft" of your money, your property, and your independent health care. Now why would anyone want to vote for a Democrat who has "always" bankrupted every single county, state and country they control.

Obama and his Marxist and Chicago Thugs....have shown us what they are up to, and its not pretty. Can this country "afford" one more year of Obama? With the wins in Virginia and New Jersey, its time to begin thinking about Impeaching Obama....


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