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Strum won't run for state House in Broward

Now that Shane Strum has been named Gov. Charlie Crist's chief of staff, it means that he won't run for the Legislature in Broward.

Strum had been thinking about running for District 91, the seat being vacated by Ellyn Bogdanoff. Bob Wolfe, a Republican committeeman in Broward, said he received a call from a representative in Crist's office stating that Strum will stay with Crist and not seek his own office.

That's bad news for Broward Republican activists who had been hoping a heavyweight would enter the race. Republicans are eager to hold on to their only state house seat in Broward -- and the voter registration numbers lie in their favor. But so far, two young businessmen with little name recognition are  the only ones to file: David Maymon and Yomin Postelnik.

They will face two Republicans turned Democrats: Barbra Stern, daughter of lobbyist Judy Stern, and Freda Sherman Stevens, who lost a race against Evan Jenne last year.

"There will be other candidates down the road,'' Wolfe said. "We don't know who yet.''


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Maymon has nearly $100,000 in the bank and outraising his Democractic opponent 3-1. Nobody that enters this race will have any name i.d so it doesn't matter. I like Maymon's chances...

Brenda might be right

If the only democrat that gets in the race is Judy Stern's daughter you might just be right. We were all waiting to see what the annointed one's fundraising totals were and after all these months to come in at only approx. $24,000 and have almost all of that money come from lawyers and lobbyists who are associated with Judy was quite a dissapointment.
David Maymon seems to be winning by default.

Robert M.

Now that Shane is out, I would imagine Maymon's fundraising faucet will start flowing like Niagra Falls.

Daniel J.

Republican activists were not looking for Shane Strum. Postelnik just put his finance team together and is getting more name recognition faster than any others because he's outstanding on the issues. If you're tired of politics as usual Postelnik is offering something outstanding. Republicans will be better off this time around and no one is falling for Barbara Stern.

new poll in

A new poll shows Barbra Stern losing the primary by a huge margin.

Candidate Freda Stevens received 62.1% of the vote according to a recent poll of most likely voters-supervoters in district 91.

Candidate BS received just under 27% of the vote. The other 10 or 11% were undecided or did not know either candidate.


It goes to prove that lobbyists can't buy every seat in Tallahassee!

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