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Wexler hints at endorsing a successor

U.S. Robert Wexler of Boca Raton met with reporters this morning to break the news himself and strongly hinted that he would be endorsing one of the candidates vying to replace him.

"I have been known to get involved in primaries before,'' he said. "I care deeply about the person who will replace me. We'll leave that for another day.''

Democratic sources say Wexler's preference is state Sen. Ted Deutch of Delray Beach, who he helped get elected in 2006.

Wexler declined to say how much money he will be making as president of the Center for Middle East Peace and Cooperation, but he made it clear that it will be more than his congressional salary, with a "degree of financial security that my family has not previously enjoyed." 

Why leave in the middle of his term? Wexler said the Middle East is at a critical point and "we do not have the luxury to wait." He said he had not discussed a job with the Obama administration "under any serious basis."


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