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Charlie Crist: train/rental car-tax special session close.

Gov. Charlie Crist today said he was "hopefully optimistic" that House and Senate leaders can get a broad consensus to call a special legislative session to provide a dedicated source of money for South Florida's Tri-Rail and Central Florida's SunRail project in order to draw down federal money for yet another train, the bullet train.

The call could come as early as this week (and "hopefully" before Thanksgiving, Crist said). The session could last about a week and could be in either December or January.

“I think the federal government has certainly made it relatively clear that if we can show our commitment to rail here in Florida, then we have a much greater opportunity for the bullet train funds from the federal government,” Crist said.

Huh? "certainly... relatively clear?" Whatever.

Anyway, where would the money come from?

Crist: “We're working on that. What’s being discussed involves in my conversations with the Senate President, involves rental cars. That’s one of the issues that we’re dealing with: that if there’s a $2 fee on rental cars, how that would be applied and how that would be allowed, whether by a referendum, a vote of the county commissions for those counties involved or a supermajority vote of those county commissions.”


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Blabbermouth Crist, at it again. Can't even put one coherant sentence together. "I didn't think I was endorsing the stimulus money, I was just lobbying for it", "Scott Rothstein is a good friend, but not one of mine." Sorry, Charlie, the Waffle House ain't hiring today or on election day.

A+ certification

The US needs to invest in other transportation options than automobiles. Traffic is bad and so is pollution. You can't widen the roads any more. Trains are good options. Hopefully the stimulus package will start more transportation options.

Abraham Blitch

Just my opinion, thinking out loud.
This is so disturbing to me and should be to all Americans and Floridians. Our Constitutions are being trampled everyday by those we elected to represent us, those who took an oath to uphold them. While we are part of the Union of States we call the U.S.A. we are Sovereign States. Meaning our federal government cannot tell us the states, what laws to make or how to spend our money. However creative politicians (not representatives of The People) think they have found a way around this pesky little right that our forefathers fought for to protect us from being a corrupt government, through Money (the root of all evil). Our U.S. Senators for Florida, one elected and one appointed by our Governor Charlie Crist (who is suppose to be our head protector of our Constitution) have engage in what should be considered corruption in the form of extortion. Buy telling us, if you don’t spend money on this in your state we won’t give you money for this in your state. Gov. Crist, I am disappointed in your condoning of this behavior by encouraging a Special Session of our legislators at an extra cost to Taxpayers of our state to hear this matter. As I conveyed to you in my interview for appointment to Levy County Commission District 1, Office holders are suppose to be representatives of The People and there are times you have to stand for The People even though it may not be popular with certain groups or money. Let’s look at this the way it should be. Who will it benefit? Is it right for all People of Florida? Can it support itself by its users? Will this still be a good idea in 40 years? If the Money in the form of a Federal Grant is a good idea, why is it attached with a string? May I add People know you can’t grow the economy by attaching more taxes even if you call them fees. Tax by definition is a Burden. Do the right thing for The People of Florida. Don’t be an enabler of this corruptive behavior. Don’t sell out our Constitutions. Call it out for what it is Extortion.

truck rental

Transportation solutions are crucial! The trains are a great solution- especially the low pollution and quiet ones! They run fast, no pollution and so quiet you can hardly notice them! I think these would be great! And no drivers would have to drive the trucks for 18 hours straight!

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