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Crist removes official who made $70k in phone calls

Gotta love West Miami Mayor Cesar Carasa. He allegedly made more than $70,000 worth of personal calls from his city-owned cell phone. Most of the calls were to the Dominican Republican, even during a trip to China. Talk about roaming charges.

Gov. Charlie Crist suspended him.

The document is here. Download 2009.11.30 Executive Order 09-2681


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Hey, Caputo . . . which "Dominican Republican" was he calling so much?

BTW, hasn't Shucking Chuckles spent more than that in taxpayer money for his salary as he gallavanted around the country raising big special interest money?

Maybe he should suspend himself.

Stop Benson

When will the Governor look into Holly Benson's travel, personal use of State cell phone, and free loading off lobbyist? Al this talk about cleaning up corruption in Florida politics then why no investigation into Benson?

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