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Meet the new face of Charlie Crist in South Florida

Her name is Anna Alexopoulos, and today was her first day as field director for Charlie Crist's Senate campaign in Broward and Palm Beach counties. She hit the ground running by making sure Crist had a good turnout (about 300 people) at tonight's Broward Republican Party meeting.

Alexopoulos is 24 years old, lives in Plantation and has served as president of the Broward Young Republicans for nearly two years. Until this week, she was the senior executive assistant/office manager for Attorney General Bill McCollum's office in South Florida. She also worked as Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti's campaign coordinator in 2008.

"I' think Gov. Crist is the true conservative and the right man for the job,'' she said. "We've heard a lot of rhetoric lately. Speaker Rubio is a fine man and a fine candidate but when you look at the record, the record will show Gov. Crist has done more to uphold conservative messages and conservative values.''


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Charlie Crook is a lier and a fake. Ask him why he rents instead of buying a home...


Hope they're paying you enough to produce lots of high quality spin and misinformation, Anna!

Broward REC Member

Anna is a hard worker and great person. Charlie is doing well by having her on his team.


Congrats Anna! I'll see you in the trenches... from the other side! hehehehe


What do they call women who accept money in exchange for their virtue?

Rubio supporter

whasup - you're OUT OF LINE.


300 people. Not bad. That's almost the full committee. Just like Marco Rubio had last month.


the offensive comment regarding her virtue is out of line but for Ms. Alexopoulos to insist that the Governor is a "conservative" makes her lose all credability in my eyes. There may be a thousand reasons to support Crist (I can't think of one to be honest) but to say he is a conservative is a bald faced lie. Crist is a lying sack of horse manure. The hug has been overblown but how can someone say they were opposed to something when they said in public that they supported and even wrote a letter? How can they say they didn't know where the President was when he really did? How can he say he is pro-life when he voted against abortion restrictions? I am a Republican, always voted as such but I would rather vote for Meek than Crist. Meek may border on being a commie but he has more character than Crist.

BREC member

What kind of activist support will Anna be able to muster up for Charlie? Maybe paid activists. I hear that she was an empty suit when she worked for Lamberti. this is the same Anna that has/had the huge arse commented on. Also, she is dating that ever-so-unpopular Jabba the Hut looking Michale DeGruccio-someone everyone loathes.

Real BREC Member

Lamberti won...or do you forget?, so called-BREC Member, who I am sure is the non-BREC Member who likes to start trouble.

Anna has actually done a lot of work for the party, unlike you, Mr. "BREC Member."

Tom Galagher

BREC member equals Bob Wolfe. Wonder how the Property Appraiser can keep justifying his salary with looming budget cuts? If there was an empty suit in the Lamberti campaign it was Danielle Will! Lamberti raised the money and no one else. However as a present she became BSO External Affairs Liaison. I hope Bob Norman keeps reminding taxpayers that she gets $75,000 a year!

Broward REC member.

To the Cardinal: if you're going to vote for Meek you're not a Republican. Go ahead and vote for Meek. Don't let the door hit your a** on the way out of the Party. If you were ever one to begin with. I support Marco but to say that you wouldn't vote for Crist over Meek is assinine to the extreme.


Note to Tom Galagher: Since you are bringing my name up...I happen to like Anna and think she will do a good job - and I think everybody knows I support the Governor. The "Jabba the Hut" thing is too funny!


Bob you are on every side of every issue and controversy. That's why nobody trusts you. The Governor doesn't need any more "supporters" like you.

By the way, who does your boyfriend support?


Hey Anna,

Is there anyway of getting a signed picture of Jabba, oops, I mean Michael for my wall? I am a big Star Wars fan

let me know..I will call you later.

GOP Member

"BREC Member" on this page = "JM"

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