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Paula Dockery gets pro-NRA email

If there's one group that can sway loads of votes in Florida with a single blast email, it's the NRA. And it just sent out this big, wet kiss of an email in support of Sen. Paula Dockery, running against fellow Bill McCollum for governor:

ALERT Paula Dockery, A+ NRA rated Senator enters FL Governor's Race

STRONG PRO-GUN, A+ rated Senator Enters Governor's Race

Paula Dockery, a Strong Pro-Gun and NRA A+ rated Florida Senator has entered the race and is challenging Attoney General Bill McCollum in the Florida Governor's race.

Dockery, who has a perfect A+ record on Second Amendment issues, has been and continues to be an outstanding leader in our fight to protect and preserve gun rights in Florida. 

"Sen. Dockery's committment and dedication to the Second Amendment and strong record of support is unequaled in this race.  She is a true champion of Freedom, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights... When she took her oath of office and swore to uphold the Constitution, she meant it,"  said Marion P. Hammer, NRA past president and exceuctive Director of Unified Sportsmen of Florida. 



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There seems to be a reemergance of the GOP Conservative movement...Is there a more conservative person than McCollum? It will water down money and support for McCollum against Alex Sink!

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