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Rosenfeldt: Access provided to Ken Jenne's office

When the FBI and IRS showed up at Scott Rothstein's law firm last night, Stuart Rosenfeldt said that he provided full access to the offices -- including the office of former Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne, who joined the firm after his release from prison last year.

Even though Jenne's office wasn't in the search warrant he wanted the feds to have access. Rosenfeldt said he called Jenne, and the former sheriff agreed. Jenne returned to the office to provide his key, Rosenfeldt said.


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native Floridian

Why is this a news story? Ken Jenne served his time and has not been accused of doing anything in this Rothstein-crook matter. Just by posting this info, that Jenne gave access even though his office was not included in the search warrant, you are trying to draw a connection between the crook Rothstein and Ken Jenne. Other than Jenne being employed as a political consultant at that firm, there is no connection.


Everyone knows Rothstein was "donating" large sums of other people's money to the sleaziest politicans in the country and state. "Political consultant" Jenne, a convicted felon and disgraced former public servant, is still on probation, and, as such, has limited rights to privacy. If he's not involved in the criminal activities of his pal, Scotty, he has nothing to worry about. I'm sure he consulted his own liar(lawyer), before giving his permission for the search.

Concerned Citizen

Ken Jenne's son is a politician. Chris A Democrat, has arlier this year he filed a complaint against Jenne with the state Ethics Commission because Jenne reported income from a job that he hadn't started yet.

Jenne has since filed an amended financial disclosure. Jenne's latest campaign finance report isn't on the state website yet but he said he has raised about $21,000.

Looks like the principals, values, and Ethics his son learned is from his father. Obviously the rules don't apply to them.

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