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Rothstein's CFO cried about wanting to avoid jail

Attorney Bill Scherer filed an amended complaint today on behalf of investors who lost around $100 million due to Scott Rothstein. Among the new defendants: Irene Stay, CFO at the Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm.

When the law firm's phones were ringing off the hook from bilked investors when Rothstein took off for Morocco, Stuart Rosenfeldt, co-owner of the firm, pressed Stay for confirmation of money in the operating and trust accounts, states the complaint.

"Eventually Stay relented and began inconsolably crying repeating the phrase, "I don't want to go to jail."

Stay could not be reached.


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Like everyone else, Irene was duped by Rothstein's pedigree as "Scott Rothstein, Esq., Vice chairman, 17th Judicial Circuit Grievance Committee."

Predictably, the Florida Bar had placed Rothstein in a position to Judge attorney ethics! thus, who was Irene to question him? He had the last say-so on what was/was not ethical.

This is exactly why attorney regulation needs to be under the exclusive jurisdiction of FL Department of Professional Regulation and NOT the self-regulating Florida Bar, who put a criminal psycho like Rothstein in-charge of attorney ethics.

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