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Rush Limbaugh likes Marco Rubio, calls Charlie Crist a RINO

The Rubio camp sent out this transcript of Rush Limbaugh on the Republican Senate race:

“I like Rubio. …

“In the Republican Party particularly, there is a fatigue with RINOs and moderate Republicans. …

“Republicans, the only chance they ever have of winning national elections is to go conservative.  And I think that's what's brewing out there, and the Republican Party is going to be looking at this Crist-Rubio primary because it's going to be a pretty stark contrast.

“I noticed that Crist is out there now, 'hey what do you mean, who says I'm not conservative, I'm pro-life, I'm pro gun, I don't know what more I have to be except angry.' That's not going to sit well.”


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Charlie Crist is a big time LIBERAL. Because of Crist, florida has a huge, powerful, super spending, out of control government & SUPER HIGH PROPERTY TAXES that has destroyed real estate, construction & the economy. Crist & his liberal buddies Pruitt & Geller have blocked every property tax cut bill & proposal, especially the property tax reform bill passed in the house. They were not going to allow the huge government that they created to be cut back. as a result, florida's economy is in shambles.


The state government was scaled back so greatly during the Bush years (including taxation)that now they don't have the revenue to pay for even the most basic and essential public services. He (Crist)is a realist; what he ISN'T is a liberal. Furthermore, he hasn't created a bigger state government, and the decision to keep property taxes stable isn't the reason the real estate market was decimated - you have to know that what you're saying is patently false. The real estate fiasco wasn't a Florida problem, it was a national problem. People aren't building because no one's buying. The bubble burst, just as most experts predicted. Who continued to artificially prop up prices in order to make as much cash as possible before the implosion? Real estate companies and their respective brokers and agents, as well as banks with the self inflicted sub-prime fiasco. I'd wager that most of those people I mentioned are probably NOT liberals, but rather Republican or Republican leaning businesspeople. Wanna bet?

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