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Sink cautiously favors gay adoption, insurers covering abortion

Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, the leading Democratic candidate for governor, stopped short of calling for an outright repeal of the state law banning gay adoption but said the decision should be up to judges, on a case by case basis.

"We need a system in which all of our children are assured that they live in a healthy, loving home --  a home that's determined not by any law,'' Sink told about 300 gay activists who packed a gallery of modern artwork at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale. "The decision has to be made by the judge, in consultation with the experts, to determine what is the best for that individual child.''

Sink said she looked forward to working with Democratic state Sen. Nan Rich of Weston, who has  unsuccessfully pushed legislation to repeal the state's gay adoption ban. But Sink said after the speech that she had not read the bill and would not immediately commit to signing it if it passed and she was elected governor.

Never to be confused with a Democratic firebrand, Sink also was careful when asked about legislation in Congress that would forbid insurers that participate in a federally subsidized health care system from covering abortion. "One of the things that the president has promised was that if we like the insurance we have we should be able to keep it,'' she said, suggesting that insurers should be able to continue covering abortion. Sink has been endorsed by Emily's List, a national fundraising group for female Democratic candidates who support abortion rights.

Story on Sink's speech Sunday to Equality Florida is here.


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Reaganite Republican

I am adopted, and thank God by normal people... the nuns at the Catholic home saw to that.

This is absolutely and totally WRONG- period

What a ridiculous pressure to put on a child- these people are crazy, and this is a shameful crime... the Left is way, way out of control- and will be punished harshly in the 2010 midterms... enough is enough

matt jesse

Dear Reaganite Republican: Whoever raised you obviously didn't do a very good job. Jesus taught us to love our neighbor as ourselves--even our fellow Americans who are gay and lesbian. I know two gay couoles who have raised children extremely well. It's too bad some who claim to speak for all Christians in such a nasty and disparaging manner give the rest of us a bad name.

Mary Thompson

Gay adoption is absolutely and completely wrong. Could you imagine being put, and raised in a home with out a mother and father. It's just not right at ALL. Not saying they can't be good parent's it's just the fact that they may not have the same example as a normal couple would. And gay marriage isn't a good thing and it may set it out to be OK if more kids are being raised in gay homes.

Michael Carroll

There is nothing wrong with two men or two women adopting children, as long as they are loving and caring, as well as financially sound (statistically gays have a higher income and have higher education rates) Sadly, conservatives don't have the ability to see that children are far better off in a home with one parent or gay parents than in an orphanage. I will be giving my vote to a candidate (Alex Sink) who isn't blind.

carolyn bailey

twenty years ago gay or lesbian parenting was unheard of,not that it didn't happen. Fathers in the closet,living a lie.Women wanting children but no husband.They all had to live a lie to conform to societies norm. Those days have passed and what our parents and their parents felt was the norm are no more!! Id wager that the kids in those homes have come out of it with major issues.Its nothing today to see a multiracial couple.Sexual orientation doesn't matter..good parenting does!!

Vanette Augustin

I believe that a child should be raised in a loving home environment. However, as a christian I believe that we have to follow what the bible says about this. The bible mandates one woman and one man. If it were God's intension to make woman with woman and man with man he would have done so. That fact that there must be one man and one woman to procreate tells me that it was definately not his intension to have woman with woman and man with man.
Also, somply because I do not believe in gay marriage or adoption does not mean I do not love guy individuals. As a christian the bible teaches that we love all. Loving cannot be equated with condoning. If my child does something wrong, my discipline of her does not mean I do not love her. O am so tired of so called christians who say people like me give others a bad name. All that means is that you are not reading your bible and following it. Lastly, if being guy is the way to go, why is it that most guy couples I see have one partner imitating the other sex. There is always a "female" more gentle and feminine partner and a "male" more masculine patner. Could that be because they know that a relationship should be man and woman and therefore try to immulate that by pretending to be what they are not?

Dan Heard

To the ignorant post by matt jesse who used Jesus as a reference stating that we are to love homosexuals as christians, nobody ever said we didn't. We love the person we hate the sin. and yes it is sin. If you wanna use the word than let us use it in its completeness. the word plainly states one man and one woman. Repent and give your life to Jesus and I know he will show you the truth in all ways.

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