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What did Eikenberg, Strum, LeMieux know about Scott Rothstein?

Gov. Charlie Crist bragged the other night that all his chiefs of staff have been from Broward County, forming a "Broward County connection."

Accused Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein was from there as well. And he gave loads of money to Crist and the Republican party. Did George LeMieux (now a Sen.) Eric Eikenberg (now on the Crist Sen. campaign) and current chief Shane Strum ever say anything? We don't know about the last two. They didn't return calls for comment.

LeMieux said he wondered where Rothstein's money came from, but didn't want to "criticize" someone who was so generous. LeMieux lamented the "culture of corruption" in South Florida as well. More here on all that.


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The real maestro

What the hell does Lemieux mean when he says he didn't want to "criticize" someone who was so generous? The ability to criticize means you have to look into something in the first place (i.e. determine facts), then analyze, and then take a position. All clearly above the "Senator's" mental or moral capacities (apparently Eikenberg and Strum's as well). Either way, you're stupid or corrupt. What a load of crap. I guess if drug kingpins are generous, under Lemieux's logic, their cash is good with Governor Crist too. Vote Charlie out with his cronies in tow.


This is the problem with Charlie Crist - he surrounds himself with people who are all about winning the next election with no regard to the cost or ethics or principals. And Crist then goes on to appoint one of them as a seat warmer in the US Senate. It's unbelieveable.

Florida needs to get rid of Charlie Crist and his cronies ASAP. Crist is destroying the Republican party in Florida.

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