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Bill Nelson, Google monster?

The New York Times' political blog notes that Ted Kennedy, the Massachusetts Democrat who died of brain cancer in August, was the No. 1 most searched senator, according to new figures from search engine Google.

The blog marvels that he was followed by Bill Nelson, "Florida’s senior Democratic senator, and Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat of California. (One thing we are still puzzling over is how the relatively quiet Senator Nelson was more searched than his colleague, Senator Ben Nelson, from Nebraska, who has been a key player in every major vote this year because of his centrist to conservative views."

So what was it? Nelson's crusade against the manufacturers of defective drywall? Or his efforts to rid the Everglades of giant snakes?


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will scoggins

maybe we were trying to find out why he voted to exempt himself
from the health care plan that he voted for


Forest Gump (Bill Nelson) voted to exempt hmself from the health care plan because he is a lberal socialist just like his buddies Obama and Pelosi. We need to vote Nelson out next election day as he is nothing more than a liberal socialist and just loves Obamacare, labor unions, ACORN and Cap & Trade Taxes. He tries to look like he cares about Florida but is more concerned about his liberal socialist agenda and not the people of Florida.


...or maybe that he was an astronaut?

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