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Mario Diaz-Balart targets stimulus funding that went to political consultants... of whom just happens to be a Democrat who works in Miami... Coincidence? The Miami Republican says he filed a bill today to prevent "political consultants or paid campaign staff" from receiving money from the stimulus package. The bill also requires that political consultants or paid campaign staff who have already received such funds return them with interest.

The bill follows press reports last week that Miami's Freddy Balsera, a former adviser to President Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign received nearly $70,000 from a federal stimulus bill contract to help alert television viewers in difficult-to-reach communities that their TV's would soon no longer receive broadcast signals. Two firms -- including Burson-Marsteller -- run by Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton’s pollster in 2008, got $6 million out of the stimulus fund for the PR campaign and Balsera's firm got paid from that contract. Burston-Marsteller says the contract was competitively bid.

Diaz-Balart, who doesn't name Balsera in his press release, says it's "clear that the stimulus has been nothing more than a dismal failure and a shameful scam used to create expensive websites, distribute
funds to non-existing congressional districts, and reward political consultants. It is shameful that the Obama rewarding its political friends with taxpayer money while the American people continue to lose their jobs and struggle to make ends meet."

Balsera suggested Diaz-Balart should "stop sponsoring such politically driven bills and start attaching his name to more substantive measures."