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FDOT to Sen. Paula Dockery: The software ate your public info

Sen. Paula Dockery just wanted to see eight-month's worth of emails issues to and from FDOT honchos about "CSX, rail, liability."** The Lakeland Republican barely got a thing. There was not one email from FDOT chief Stephanie Kopelousos over the past eight months on an issue that her boss, Gov. Charlie Crist, and the Legislature felt could put people to work and transform the economy.

Is that believable she was asked Dec. 3. “I’m sure that we gave her every document that we have and every email.”

Wrong on two counts.

1) The agency's general counsel, Robert M. Burdick, just wrote Dockery with ye olde computin' explanation about a snafu: "the (software) program did not function as intended." Indeed. The agency just delivered a 8,037 emails with the apology letter.

2) The emails aren't everything. The secretary and other FDOT officials appear to be conducting public work with private email accounts. But those email accounts haven't been mind. So the secretary either forgot she does this or decided not to review her personal email for some other reason.

3) In some emails, Kopelousos and others appear to use breakfast food names, like "pancakes," to hide the fact they're talking about rail.

It'll take a while to go through it all to see if any information (about federal money, costs, financing or liability) could have affected the session that ended with a surprisingly easy 27-10 vote in the Senate.

At a press conference before the vote, Dockery promised to "clean house" at the top of FDOT. First, though, Dockery has to get by Republican Attorney General Bill McCollum in the 2010 primaries. As Dockery was growing weary with FDOT, so was Senate President Jeff Atwater. He was in the yelling mood because Kopelousos et al were so unresponsive to getting a deal done.

More here on that.


**Dockery's records request

Please provide me with an electronic copy of all messages that contain any of the following words: CSX, rail, liability; that were sent to or from the state or personal email addresses or electronic devices of yourself, Kevin Thibault and Alexis Yarbrough beginning on March 1, 2009. Please contact my Tallahassee office with any questions concerning this request. Thank you.


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This comes as no surprise to me.... I'm sure the contents of these emails will be interesting.



Sooooooo strange that they showed up AFTER the vote.


Everyone should look long and hard at the gubernatorial candidates in the Republican primary. Do you want the "tried and true - toe the party line guy - McCollum", or Senator Paula Dockery - who is honest, hard working and actually cares about Floridians. FDOT's behavior is criminal and Charlie is right there with 'em!


Stephanie is confused? I saw Stephanie Kopelousos at a CSX meeting in Lakeland a couple of years ago. The woman was so lacking in knowledge and platform presence it was actually embarrasing to watch.

First thought everyone had was this must be a relative of some politician who got a patronage appointment. Apparently, Steph has not progressed much in the smarts department.

It will be a long slog to root out corruption and incompetance in Florida but thankfully Paula Dockery is up to the task. If we're going to save our country let it begin here.

Someone blow the whistle

Another sad day for Florida when a senior elected official whose constituents sent her to Tallahassee to do the peoples work is openly disrespected by several overpaid bureaucrats who are busy doing the "special interests" work, wasting our tax dollars instead.

Take back our democracy, Vote Dockery for Governor in 2010

The Atwater Ring Braintrust

Atwater and Ring, two of Florida's finest, NOT.

How is it that you claim to be doing us a good job when Tri-Rail needs $80 million annually and your coerced, extorted legislation only gives us $15 million for Tri-Rail?

Did you little boys flunk 5th grade math? Seek help now, you'll need it when you're unemployed soon.


Someone called little Billy "tried and true." LOL, I thought they said "tired" and true.

Either way, he's finally headed home to the barn, he's days are numbered.

The Dock will clean his clock.

Paula leaves this battle with even more grassroots/anti-tax support than she had last week!

Ax the Rail Tax - elect Dockery Governor (and Rubio and Baker too)!


Why is anyone surprised that the emails disappeared for just the right amount of time? The corruption and personal gain of most politicians should shock us. But it's so 'business as usual now' that, sadly, there's no public outrage. Thank God we have Paula Dockery running for Govenor. We must start electing decent, honest politicians, and Paula is one we NEED!

The Independent Republican

Where are our investigative reporters when we ned them. Have them invetigate the following points:
1. Which property owners gain by the CSX rail deal going through? This deal was started on Jeb's watch -- start digging then.
2. Who of our fine state's elected officials -- besides JD Alexander, whom we already know has fleeced us yet again -- gains by the CSX deal going through?
3. Find out what REALLY happened on the email disappearance.
4. Find out who started the rumor that federal funding depended on the CSX deal passing.
5. Talk to the AFL-CIO about how they were lied to.
6. Let the people repeal the vote on the CSX deal. It stinks, we the taxpayers know it does, and we have more sense about telling them NO, NO, NO!


I ask you Miami Herald to follow up on this. Paula has a shot but only if the press gives her the attention she deserves. this article is a great start. Just let the truth come out and Paula will win this one. thanks Paula for standing up for the people.


Think about it! The General Counsel, Alexis Yarbrough, is married to the Governor's Chief of Staff. So you think she doens't know how to get around these type of things. She has done so many people wrong. Who do you think is runing FDOT Stephanie or Alexis. Bed talk goes further than conference room talks.

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