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Feds swarm Senate in corruption probe

Flashing badges, federal agents descended on Florida's Capitol this week questioning senators and staff members about the Legislature, indicted political player Alan Mendelsohn and former Sen. Mandy Dawson.

"`They had pretty basic questions about the legislative process, but they did ask about Alan Mendelsohn,'' said Sen. Dennis Jones, R-Treasure Island.

"`They asked how Alan Mendelsohn interacted with and lobbied the Legislature,'' Jones said, "And I said I didn't really know for two reasons -- one, he was never registered to lobby so he didn't lobby me, and two, he's from Southeast Florida and I'm not."

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rush is right about run of the mill

I was wondering why Pruitt was up at the Capitol. Now I know: Getting his story straight with his cronies in person, not over the phone.



Lame attempt to divert attention away from the real folks in the cross hairs Dawson, Heffley and Russ Klenet

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